Smokefree Workplace

​​Community Wellbeing is a smokefree workplace


​​Community Wellbeing is a Smokefree workplace

Our Smokefree policy is about protecting everyone against the effects of second-hand smoke while at Community Wellbeing.

Our smokefree policy applies to all staff and visitors.

This means you may not smoke anywhere that would be considered one of our workplaces.

This includes outdoor areas, such as:


Carparks or gardens.


Within 15m of any workplace building, doorway, or window.


Any outdoor worksites.


In a company vehicle.


Any events or activities we organise or sponsor, even if not held at our workplace.


Anywhere the Smokefree Environments Act, or other laws, forbid smoking.

This policy also applies to vaping and using e-cigarettes, and other tobacco products that are not smoked.

Giving up smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health, the health of others and your finances.

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