Payroll Giving


By joining your Payroll Giving program, you will become a vital part of our efforts to strengthen the wellbeing of North Canterbury families and communities.

Payroll Giving is an efficient and effective way to get involved. It enables you to make small, regular donations to Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust directly from your pre-tax pay. It’s an easy way to donate as your donation and tax credit is processed automatically by your payroll team. You don’t need to wait until the end of the year to receive your credit of 33% and you don’t need to handle all the paperwork. This means a $5 donation each week only costs you $3.34.

Employers can go one step further and match employee donations to double the impact of each gift.

Matched Giving is a smart way for you as an employer to demonstrate your commitment to our local community.

If your company isn’t able to offer payroll giving you can transform lives in North Canterbury by becoming a regular giver.

A monthly gift of as little as $20 can help us transform lives.