Give Monthly


There are lots of things outside our control right now. But you can control this. You can help strengthen the resilience of our North Canterbury community.

We’re asking people like you to sign up to become a monthly donor so that we can support our whānau, rangatahi and tamariki to thrive.

Become a Friend of Wellbeing today and help transform lives in North Canterbury.

Why give monthly?

By making a small donation every month you help us to plan ahead and respond flexibly to the needs of our community, where and when needs arise.

Monthly donations mean we can worry less about raising funds and more about providing services and long-term mental health and wellbeing solutions.

That’s why we need your regular support.

It’s also more convenient for you and us.

You choose how much you give and the donation is automatically deducted from your nominated account every month. This means fewer admin costs are deducted from your donation so more money goes towards providing free services. You control how much you donate and you can modify your donation at any time.

A monthly gift of as little as $20 can help us transform lives.

Donate Now

You will receive an email receipt immediately after donating. If you make a monthly gift you will receive a yearly tax receipt for you to use for your income tax claim. Donations over $5 are tax-deductible.

As a regular giver, your support is invaluable and your donation has a real impact on the lives of those we help.